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Telemann Kopie (808x1280)
L2 31707 (3) (1280x960)
L2 31707 (8) (1280x960)
L2 31707 (11) (1280x960)

harpsichord Telemann

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single manual

keyboard compass: 4 1/2 octaves (C - f3)

8', 4', divided lute on the 8'

knee lever for 4'
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In the NEUPERT „Telemann“ harpsichord you will own an instrument which opens up the possibilities of playing harpsichord music yet whose size and disposition concentrate on the essentials.

This concept of the NEUPERT „Telemann“ harpsichord has proved itself over many decades as an ideal partner for family music making, in music schools, on narrow organ galleries or as a continuo instrument in concert halls. It has always been subject to continuous development and in the meantime has become the world‘s most-built harpsichord.

Even though it does not take up much space the instrument is characterized by a full, clear and carrying sound. Its disposition of 8‘ and 4‘ with divided lute (8‘) provides a wide range of different timbres.

In addition to the illustrated version in walnut, the instrument can also be made with different kinds of veneer or in solid wood, painted or with gold decoration or with different legs or stands upon request.

Technical details:

  • keyboard compass: C - f(4 1/2 octaves)
  • naturals covered with ebony
  • sharps covered with white plastic
  • disposition: 8‘, 4‘ (knee lever for 4'), divided lute on the 8‘
  • length 143 cm (4‘8“), width 80 cm (2‘7“)
  • net weight 48 kg

Additional equipment:

  • Covers and benches matching the instrument


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