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Cembalo Couperin (1280x905)
Couperin (1280x900)
L3 31778

NEUPERT harpsichord Couperin

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double manual harpsichord

keyboard compass: 4 1/2 octaves (C - f3)

lower manual: 81', 4'

upper manual: 82', lute to 82'

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Sales price without tax 32.521 €
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The NEUPERT „Couperin“ harpsichord combines different and exciting aspects of the harpsichord‘s renaissance in the 20th century.

NEUPERT‘s design of the „Couperin“ harpsichord in terms of the construction, acoustics, and basic touch was chosen in accordance with the spirit of the period of the first half of the 20th century.

Technical details:

  • keyboard compass: C - f3 (4 1/2 octaves)
  • naturals ebony, sharps covered by ivory-like plastic
  • lower manual: 81‘, 4‘
  • upper manual: 82‘, lute to 82
  • manual coupler, hand-stops
  • length 183 cm (6‘), width 95 cm (3‘2“), net weight 94 kg

Additional equipment:

  • Benches and covers matching the instrument
  • pedals instead of hand-stops
  • 4‘-shifting transmission (i.e. optional playing of the 4‘ from lower or upper manual)
  • lid painting


Manufacture of historical keyboard instruments
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D-96103 Hallstadt bei Bamberg 

Phone +49 / (0)951 / 40 60 70
Fax +49 / (0)951 / 40 60 720

E-Mail: info@jc-neupert.de

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