NEUPERT virginal after Floriani

NEUPERT virginal "Floriani"  

The prototype for this virginal from the NEUPERT workshops is an instrument of the Venetian master Benedetto Floriani. Three of his instruments from the period 1568-1572 still exist. 

With their hexagonal shape and light construction (weight 11 kg!), made from southern European conifers such as cypress or cedar, the Floriani virginals are typical examples of the highly developed art of musical instrument making in Italy during the last period of the Renaissance.

Thanks to the dark yet warm timbre of the full-bodied sound, the virginal retained its significance throughout the centuries as a domestic musical instrument, which role it shares with the spinet. The difference between both types of instruments is that the virginal has its bass strings nearest the player whereas in the spinet the exact opposite is the case. 

The case of the NEUPERT "Floriani" virginal is made in the Italian tradition from cypress or cedar, the top edges being decorated with bone knobs.

Additional options

  • stand matching the instrument
  • covers and benches matching the instrument
  • a lid of acrylic plastic
Technical details

disposition: 1x 8'
compass: B1-d3 = 4 1/3 octaves
pitch: a1 = 415 Hz or a1 = 440 Hz optionally

length 170 cm (5'7")
width 51 cm (1'8")
net weight: 11 kg

table instrument

Dati tecnici
Disposizione: 1 x 8’
Estensione: SI-1 – D5, 4 1/3 Ottave
Corista: a richiesta 415 oppure 440 Hz
Dimensioni: Lunghezza 170 cm, Larghezza 51 cm, Peso 11 Kg
Strumento da tavolo
Forniture opzionali
Piedistallo in stile con lo strumento
Coperta di protezione su misura
Coperchio di protezione in Plexiglas