NEUPERT harpsichord in the italian style

NEUPERT harpsichord
in the Italian style

The NEUPERT harpsichord in the Italian style was designed after an instrument now kept in Mozart's house in Salzburg. It was probably built in the second half of the 18th century by an unknown harpsichord maker in Northern Italy (Venice?). At its former location in Leipzig, the Thomaskantor Günter Ramin preferered to use the instrument in his concerts on account of its full and carrying sound.

The restoration of this valuable original instrument in our workshop revealed such an overwhelming sound that NEUPERT decided to make a copy of it. In accordance with Italian tradition the instrument is built of light cypress-wood and with ornamental knobs of bone at the top edge of the case. The natural keys are covered with bone, the sharps are from ebony.

Technical details:

single manual harpsichord,
historical construction

keyboard compass: H1-d3 (= 4 1/3 octaves)
disposition: 81', 82' (tuning pitch: a1 = 440 Hz)
length 220 cm (7' 3")
width 82 cm (2' 8")
net weight 31 kg



Additional options

  • Covering sheet of acrylic plastic
  • Transposing device (a1 = 415 / 440 Hz)
  • Covers and benches matching the instrument
  clavecin à un clavier

étendue de clavier: Si1-re3 (= 4 1/3 octaves)
disposition: 81', 82'
longueur 220 cm, largeur 82 cm, net 31 kg

1 manuale

estensione della tastiera: 4 1/3 ottave (Si1 -re3)
disposizione: 81', 82'
lunghezza 220 cm, larghezza 82 cm, netto 31 kg

1 teclado

extensión del teclado: 4 1/3 octavas (Si1 -re3)
disposición: 81', 82'
largo 220 cm, ancho 82 cm, neto 31 kg