NEUPERT harpsichord "Hass"

NEUPERT harpsichord 
Recent musicological research has shown that Johann Sebastian Bach explicitly required in fact a harpsichord with 16'-register for chamber music, including a pedal harpsichord below it with two 16'-registers. For his weekly concerts at the "Zimmermannschen Kaffeehaus" he had a double manual harpsichord and a pedal harpsichord at his disposal, both made by Zacharias Hildebrand.
In order to do justice to the consequences for performance practice, NEUPERT developed a new 16'-harpsichord within the historical tradition. As a prototype NEUPERT chose a double manual harpsichord of J. S. Bach's famous contemporary Hieronymus Albrecht Hass (Hamburg 1734). This instrument today belongs to the collection of the Brussels museum.

Without straying from the original conception, NEUPERT adapted the prototype to the requirement of the today's performance practice. The compass of the keyboard was extended to five octaves (F1-f3) and a further coupler allows one to play the 4'-register on the lower as well as on the upper keyboard. In addition this also permits the upper manual to offer a contrast to the full disposition of the lower keyboard, to play an "echo", using only the 82'-register.

A transposing device renders a quick change posssible between the pitches a1= 415 Hz and a1 = 440 Hz.


Technical details:

double manual harpsichord

keyboard compass: F1-f3 (= 5 octaves) 
lower manual: 81', 4', 16', lute to 16' 
upper manual: 82', lute to 82', 
coupler for the manuals 
transposing device (a1 = 440/415 Hz)

length 255 cm (8'4") 
width 93 cm (3'1") 
net weight 76 kg

wooden jacks, Delrin plectra

case in solid lime, painted in colours according to the customer's wishes, keyboard area and music desk in polished walnut; stand with 7 baluster-turned legs

Additional options

  • benches and covers matching the instrument
Deutsche Version clavecin à deux claviers

étendue de clavier: Fa1-fa3 (= 5 octaves)

I. clavier: 81', 4', 16', 16'-luth 
II. clavier: 82', 82'-luth, 4'-transmission 

longueur 255 cm, largeur 93 cm, net 76 kg

2 manuali

estensione della tastíera: 5 ottave (Fa1 -fa3)

I. manuale: 81', 4', 16', liuto a 16' 
II. manuale: 82', liuto a 82', 4'-transmission 
accopiamento manuale,

lunghezza 255 cm, larghezza 93 cm, 
netto 76 kg

2 teclados

extensión del teclado: 5 octavas (Fa1 -fa3)

I. teclado: 81', 4', 16', laúd a 16' 
II. teclado: 82', laúd a 82', 4'-transmission 

largo 255 cm, ancho 93 cm, neto 76 kg