NEUPERT spinet "Zenti"

NEUPERT spinet 
The name of this newly designed NEUPERT "Zenti" spinet is a homage to the famous Italian Girolamo Zenti, the first to have built this special type of instrument ("bentside spinett") in 1637. With the "Zenti" spinet NEUPERT has met customers' demands for a musically versatile instrument at a reasonable price which can be easily transported. 

The new NEUPERT "Zenti" spinet is characterised by:

  • a large compass although the instrument is only 148 cm long and has a weight of only 31 kg
  • standard features include a buff-stop and a transposing arrangement (to shift from a1 = 415 Hz to a1 = 440 Hz).
  • the unique possibility to use the music desk with the lid either closed or open
  • a number of features found in historical instruments such as wooden jacks and Delrin plectra
  • a reasonable price thanks to the rediscovered historical production methods
  • NEUPERT's application of its experience as the world's oldest maker of historical keyboard instruments
Technical details


keyboard compass: A1- f3 (= 4 3/4 octaves) 
8', lute, transposing device 
length 148 cm (4'10'') 
width 62 cm (2') 
net weight 31 kg


case: painted in the colours of the NEUPERT samples, with gold-coloured banding, oder oak nature glazed (school version)

Additional options

  • covers and benches matching the instrument
  • a moulding around the case
  • tapered legs with mouldings

étendue de clavier: La1- fa3 (= 4 3/4 octaves) 
longueur 148 cm, largeur 62 cm, net 31 kg


estensione della tastíera: 4 3/4 ottave (La1- fa3
lunghezza 148 cm, larghezza 62 cm, 
netto 31 kg

extensión del teclado: 4 3/4 octavas (La1- fa3
largo 148 cm, ancho 62 cm, 
neto 31 kg