NEUPERT spinet after J. H. Silbermann "standard version"

NEUPERT spinet
after J.H. Silbermann
- standard version -
Ever since NEUPERT has offered a copy of a bentside spinet by Johann Heinrich Silbermann, Strasbourg 1767, there has been an undiminished interest in this five-octave instrument with its well-rounded sonority.

Although customers value the design of this copy, also as a piece of Baroque/Roccoco furniture, which carefully follows the original, NEUPERT was repeatedly asked to make this spinet in a lower-priced version without changing its tonal qualities.

The result of this suggestion is the "Standard" version of this well-proven spinet.

NEUPERT explains in the following ten points how the "Standard" model was designed and which features were retained:


Measurements of the case: no change

Dimensions of the string lengths, bridges: no change

Soundboard: removal of the rose (which has no acoustical function)

Jacks: no change

Keyboard: no change

Lute: no change

Legs: tapered legs instead of carved legs in Baroque style

Lid: flat lid instead of panelled lid

Hinges: from solid brass in a simple shape instead of hinges formed like a stylised lily

Veneer: oak, natural or stained, or painted in a selection from the NEUPERTsamples with gold-coloured bands instead of a veneer in French walnut  

Technische Angaben:


keyboard compass: F1- f3 (= 5 octaves) 
8', lute 
length 195 cm (6'5")
width 66 cm (2'2") 
weight 38 kg

wooden jacks, Delrin plectra 

Additional options

  • transposing device (a1 = 440/415 Hz)
  • benches and covers matching the instrument

étendue de clavier: Fa1- fa3 (= 5 octaves) 
longueur 195 cm, largeur 66 cm, net 38 kg


estensione della tastíera: 5 ottave (Fa1- fa3
lunghezza 195 cm, larghezza 66 cm, 
netto 38 kg

extensión del teclado: 5 octavas (Fa1- fa3
largo 195 cm, ancho 66 cm, 
neto 38 kg