History / Portrait

After having finished his apprenticeship, among others with Johann Baptist Streicher in Vienna, Johann Christoph Neupert established his own workshop in 1868 in Münchberg to manufacture pianos. Starting from very modest beginnings NEUPERT instruments very quickly gained a good reputation so that it became necessary to move to Bamberg in 1874, a more accessible and larger city.

In the course of time the passion of Johann Christoph Neupert and his descendants for collecting historical keyboard instruments resulted in a collection of more than 300 valuable examples. This collection has been exhibited since 1968 in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg.

In 1906 the first NEUPERT harpsichord was made by the three sons of the founder &endash; a pioneering event at this time. During the following decades the whole family of historical keyboard instruments was reconstructed. Based on both the originals of the Neupert Collection and the organological work by Hanns Neupert, a grandson of the company's founder, NEUPERT instruments acquired a worldwide reputation.

Considering that historical keyboard instruments form again today an inalienable part of our musical life, it may be stated that the NEUPERTworkshop has had a decisive share in it.

Whether you choose an instrument directly from our catalogue or one which will be created to realise your particular requirements, aNEUPERT instrument

  • includes the experience of about 20,000 historical keyboard instruments having been manufactured up till now
  • will be created from valuable, selected materials by qualified experts working together in the old craft tradition
  • is well known in all music centres around the globe due to its sound quality and absolute reliability.

Taking care for your instrument is one of our most important aims. Our workshop in Bamberg and representatives in many countries around the world guarantee the service for your instrument over the generations. Even decades later you will be able to obtain spare parts for older models without any problem.


Our range

The J.C. NEUPERT workshops for historical keyboard instruments makes harpsichords, spinets, clavichords, virginals, and fortepianos from various schools. Individual customer's wishes can always be accomodated.

We offer a wide range of new and second hand instruments:

Historical keyboard instruments:

  • new from our own workshop
  • second hand from our own and other workshops
  • restoration of instruments according to the customer's requirements
  • grand and upright pianos from leading worldwide manufacturers
  • accessories (such as benches, covers, etc.)

Keyboard instruments from J.C. NEUPERT are supplied with wooden jacks (for historical models) or with plastic jacks in the well known rectangular shape. Both types are characterized by their easy adjustment, absolute reliability, and low noise level. Wooden jacks without means of adjustment assistance can also be supplied upon request.

Normally we use Delrin for the plectra, which gives a similar sound to that of an historical raven quill. Your instrument can also be finished upon request using raven quill or leather plectra, which produce a smooth and mellow sound.

The method of construction depends on the different national schools and periods. The variety of construction principles leads to different tonal results, each of which is appropriate for its own music.

The modern 20th-century harpsichord has a special and independent place in that it was not based on any particular historical model. These instruments, built in the "Rastenbauweise" (strong, framed construction), which are available as the "Telemann", "Couperin", "Cristofori", and "Bach" models, are characterised by the numerous registration possibilities and means of changing stops (e.g. pedals). Their sound is completely "authentic" for 20th-century harpsichord music.

Which type of instrument one prefers, historical or 20th-century, remains an individual decision. J.C. NEUPERT is able to offer a wide range of instruments and will assist you to find your own hand-crafted instrument.