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Fortepiano Dulcken

copy after Louis Dulcken, München around 1815

keyboard compass: 6 octaves (F1 - f4)

Viennese action ("Prellzungenmechanik")

3 pedals (forte, moderator, una-corda)
Sales price 54.500 €
Sales price without tax 45.798 €
Hammerfluegel Dulcken_neu
Hammerflügel Dulcken
Hammerfl. Dulcken Kopie (968x1280)
Dulcken 38

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Louis Dulcken was a descendent from a family of well known instrument makers. His grandfather Joannes Daniel Dulcken, who was active in Antwerp and Brussels, was considered as „the best harpsichord maker in succession to the three Ruckers“ according to contemporary opinion. His grandson Johan Lodewijk Dulcken, born in 1761 in Amsterdam, set up business in 1780 in Munich, where under the name of Louis Dulcken he achieved high esteem as a pianoforte maker to the court.

The NEUPERT copy is based on an original instrument made by Dulcken in around 1815, which was in our ownership. This fortepiano, like a modern instrument, is equipped with a forte and an una corda pedal. Moreover there is a moderator pedal which allows one to perform the markings „sordino“ or „pianissimo“ in accordance with the piano literature of that time. The clear and also flexible sound of this fortepiano, as well as the light action, destine this NEUPERT instrument to be an ideal mediator between the periods of classical and early romantic piano music.

Technical details:

  • keyboard compass: F1 - f4 (6 octaves)
  • triple strung in the treble, otherwise two strings per note
  • naturals covered by bone, sharps ebony
  • Viennese action ("Prellzungenmechanik")
  • 3 pedals (forte, moderator, una-corda)
  • length: 232 cm (7‘8“), width: 116 cm (3‘10“), net weight: 125 kg

Additional equipment:

  • Covers and benches matching the instrument



étendue de clavier:

  • Fa1 - fa4 (6 octaves)
  • 3 pédales
  • longueur 232 cm, largeur 116 cm
  • net 125 kg

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